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eValpro is an advanced step-by-step property data, valuation technology and property reporting software. Our technology has been built by valuers for valuers, companies and professionals who prepare valuations in Vietnam or Asia. eValPro software allows you to create valuations and property reports. Our valuation software can be used on any modern web browser, your smart phone, tablet or laptop.
eValPro can help you to identify and track specific properties in your property portfolio. Our asset management software will allow you to track inventory and lifecycle of real estate and property assets.
We now offer a real estate data subscription to our property and project, house and real estate data with tools that allow you to analyse the trends. The VNA technology and data tools makes us a real market leader but more important you can prepare property sector data fast and add it to your reports and material on the Viet Nam market.

Stay Very Organized

Our system has been designed to keep all your property data, reports, notes, photos and attachments secured in one place, ready to be searched and retrieved for reuse. You get the data you need, when you need it.

Always in Contact

No matter where you go, eValPro keeps you in contact with your clients, managers and staff via the web interface and email notifications. You're kept well informed of all activities. Our GPS property tracker connects you live while on the go. On your bike, in the car or in a taxi. It’s the new mobile property app you can't be without.

Quality Assurance

Built to local and international standards by a team of senior valuers and developers, eValPro has built-in report checking mechanism to make the job of valuers and managers easy.

Super Easy to Use

With an internet connection, you can now work and manage the system from anywhere. eValPro has been designed to work on modern desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Who uses our system

Valuation Companies... to be faster and ahead of the market.
Banks… to track any property in their portfolio with real time data and maps.
Credit Card Lenders... for credit card and property identifications.
Property Investors... who want to track and manage large or small portfolios.
… and anyone who owns real estate large or small and anywhere at any time.

eValPro lets you work from anywhere you like


What our clients say about us

  • REDN team has built so many functions to date that have really revolutionised our business form valuations to Office Services and Investment. REDN has real time solutions to save us money and free up more time for our clients and a better bottom line.

    David Jackson
    Managing Director, Colliers International Vietnam.

  • I use REDN every day to record my data and research projects. There is nothing in Vietnam that compares.

    James Hewson
    Research and Advisory, Colliers International Vietnam.

  • The REDN automated valuation platform for valuations has so many great features that has no doubt improved our ability to do better and faster valuations. We never lose data and our reports and secure as is our evidence trail.

    Kia Chong
    Compliance Manager Valuation, Colliers International Vietnam.

eValPro was designed by property experts,
so the tool has been built with your needs in mind

eValPro property data software for Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, ASEAN

For valuers

Right from the start eValPro has been built with the consultation of senior valuers. Valuers just follow simple steps to create professional valuation reports in minutes. Work can't be more relaxed and easier.

For banks

Our property data system is the most powerful tool for your bank or credit institution. We can input full property descriptions, maps and photos. Your team can access anytime from anywhere.

eValPro property reporting software for Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, ASEAN

For managers

eValPro saves your business lots of time because it has been built to run your business fast and user friendly. You can run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

For administrators

eValPro allows you to store Reports, Land Use and construction Certificates and any other documents and notes all in one safe and secure place and to re-call it anytime. No lost files ever again.


With eValPro, you work smarter, not harder

  • It helps our clients manage large to small property portfolios. Real time data and mapping. It’s a fist of its kind.

  • Evalpro is simple to use and can be assessed by your staff from anywhere or while they are mobile. Our system tracks and stores data about any property and we provide real data that your teams need. Photo, mapping, property descriptions and values. Our search categories include: Residential property, Office, Industrial land, Development land, Retail, Hospitality.

  • You don’t need expensive software or equipment upgrades - it works on a secure web server.

Built by a team of professionals

Our team is available to assist you and get your questions answered in minutes

Leon Cheneval
Leon Cheneval
Director - Data and Research
Trang Tran
Trang Tran
Senior Data Analyst
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen
IT Director
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen
Senior Developer
Van Nguyen
Sandra Luu
Systems and Office Manager

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