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A strategic company that builds innovative and intuitive property valuation software and real estate software solutions. Our property valuation software allows you to build industry standard valuation reports, integrate data, apply compliance processes and connect you with your client through innovative web based protocols.

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Who uses our system?

Valuers, real estate appraisers, property experts or anyone seeking better property valuation software.
We help property owners, banks and financial institutions to value property in real time. Track any property in a lending portfolio or in your own property portfolio year in and year out.
We assist property investors who want to track and manage large or small portfolios through our property modules and across any geographic location. People who want property data on the move.

What our clients say about us

...the most efficient property and valuation software in Asia. It stores and recalls all our evidence and research, thanks...

Mr. James Hewson
Research Manager
Provided the best customer service. Any questions were answered very fast and they even gave us fresh ideas and solutions for valuation evidence and sales evidence problems.
Mr. Kia Chong
Valuation manager, Colliers Vietnam
We are so pleased went with REDN. It's easy to use and saves us a lot of time, especially in completing reports, generating invoices and keeping track of payments, both to our valuers and our clients.
Mr. David Jackson
Managing Director, Colliers Vietnam


  • We don't share your data with anyone, you own your data.
  • We have sales evidence and sales data collection solutions for your iPad and iPhone or your Android device so no need to go and buy expensive or new equipment.
    • Your staff can use the devise they want as it does not matter that they bring their favourite device to your office.
  • Training and continuing support is available and included, we can help you on line or at your office.
  • We can import all your existing data from any existing Valuation software system or File Server. So from day 1 you have your valuation and sales evidence at your finger tips.
  • Highly Cost Effective – we have effective payment plans and special offers but most importantly we can increase your productivity and operating efficiency by 50%.
  • Vastly more effective and sustainable than building your own IT solution, while still being flexible and programmable to make it your own.

Fall in love with our features

Always in contact

No matter where you go we keep you in contact with your clients, managers and staff via web interfaces and email notifications. You're kept well informed of all activities. Our GPS property tracker connects you live while on the go. It’s the new mobile property app you can't be without.

Quality assurance

Our valuation software has been built to localised and international valuation standards by a team of senior valuers and PHP developers. Built-in report checking mechanisms to assist valuers and managers to be more accurate and compliant.

Sales database

Our property data software has been designed to keep all your property data reports, notes, photos and attachments secured in one place - your place. Your database can be searched and retrieved for reuse. You get the data you need, when you need it on your phone or smart device.

Property valuers and our property clients need sales evidence and property data fast and we have developed sales evidence and property data functions to deliver the data when they need it.

Super easy to use and faster reviews

With an internet connection, you can now work and manage your team from anywhere. Designed to work on modern desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
Research sales evidence or property data while on the go.
Review a valuation report while on the road to be able to meet deadlines and

Designed by property experts with your needs in mind


Right from the start our property valuation software has been built with the consultation of senior valuers. Your team follow simple steps to create professional valuation reports in minutes. Work can't be more relaxed and easier.


Our property data and sales evidence system is the most powerful tool for your bank or credit institution. We can input full property descriptions, maps and photos. Your team can check property evidence and address records anytime from anywhere.


Save your business lots of time because our property valuation software has been built to run your business fast and to be user friendly. You just need an internet connection and no need to buy any new equipment. Check on the status of a report, verify and issue a report all from your device.
Directors and managers, we have built in special features just for you, automated reminders for deadlines and turn around times.


Store property valuation reports, legal and construction certificates and any other documents and notes all in one safe and secure place and to recall it anytime. No lost files ever again.
Automated invoice functions and notices to your clients make our software an essential valuation tool not just for valuers but for the key personnel. We look after the managers and administrators as well. We have created valuation software solutions from the administrator to director level of your business.

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Maximum value, flexible pricing, the choice is clear - our property valuation software is the perfect solution to create professional valuation reports in Asia or appraisal reports in Thailand or an indicative valuation in Brunei. We have the right valuation software and sales data solution your company wants. We are the leading valuation software in Asia.