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eValPro has developed an advanced step-by-step valuation and real estate solutions software in Vietnam and Asia. 

eValPro has been built by Valuers for Valuers. You can  store and re-use sales evidence, make inquiries and sales evidence searches for all the data types including, rents and yields. Sale and asking prices and dates are on your smart device and revise other core data such as a photo history library and legal and sales maps. plans etc on the move. The revolution is here, our valuation software offers property charts and property graphs that demonstrate value and valuation analysis faster and more efficiently. 

Our system helps Valuer’s simply value better. Its market leading valuation software in Asia, so call us. As Valuers we know what you need, better valuation software – simple.

eValPro is a trademark of Real Estate Data Network Company Limited (REDN Co., Ltd). REDN Co., Ltd offers an ecosystem of leading multi-platform property solutions.

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Through our network of companies and real estate activities in Asia we have formed a strong data network and property data platform for Vietnam and Asia. This strategy has resulted in a comprehensive property sales database and projects database. 

Our Vietnam sales database provides an extensive list of information on property, projects and houses plus sales and asking price data, rents and yields. We also provide primary project and property data, prices, trends and market information that deliver property solutions for valuers, companies and professionals who prepare valuations in Vietnam or Asia.

                                       No matter what services you need REDN Co., Ltd  has your real estate applications and valuation software services covered.

So if you want to have access to comprehensive data in Vietnam please review our data subscription offer so check out GODATA in our services menu.  

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Our data Partners

Real Estate Data Network (REDN) is simply that a network of companies and property professionals who have collaborated to build a comprehensive platform of sales evidence in Vietnam and Asia. REDN has built a platform of interconnected networks, data sources, data partners and dedicated data analysts and IT professionals to deliver better property data, data processes, valuation and property reports, analytical tools, news and reports on all property types that make our clients market leaders.

Vnanalytics supports our data network and provides our customers with up to date and the most informative reports on the property market. Our data research techniques and data platform is extensive and our researchers provide trends and analysis of projects, buyers and we offer effective recommendations for project developers.

Buying or renting can be a real task in Vietnam but Property Cloud has the data and property analysis you need to buy or rent the right house or home. Our real estate listing services are market leading. Propertycloud can assist you to find the right house or a rental in Vietnam. We can also connect buyers and sellers to residential properties, investment land and even international property options. So do you Propertycloud? Join for free today.