US$299 AU$395/ system fee (paid yearly).

US$59 AU$77 per month for our entire package with unlimited reports an storage.
Total annual costs = US$1,007
Total annual costs = AUD$1,319

What you get…

Accounts and performance modules

Keep track of invoices and payments. Extract to accounts data to excel or to your favourite accounting software. We include live performance charts, you may be a team of 1 or a team of many at a glance see how you are doing, by valuer or report and property types.

General Valuation Module

Standard templates for all you’re your general valuation reports. We give you a free report template design in the setup cost. We include our valuation job management function so you can issue invoices, receipts and report reminders and send reports to clients fast and efficiently.

Tools and Property Media

Property analytical tools: We have various search engines to help you write more informative reports. We have map builders that allow you to add maps and location of any property type quickly to your property reports or research papers. Supports all property types, commercial/ office, industrial, residential, retail and specialised property.

goMEDIA is a free tool we provide to our clients…

Your package also includes…

  • 6 users from the minute you sign up, and option to upgrade and add more users.
  • 2 free templates at set up.
  • System reminders and help functions.
  • Online chat support and data backup of your data to your server (your data is your data).
  • Free media module.
  • Our property and projects data platform and the ability to add on other databases. Even your data.

What you don’t pay for…

  • You don’t pay for extra storage.
  • You don’t pay extra for SMS and email alerts.

What we can help you with…

  • Special report formats, while we have report template builder we can help you build a new template report (US$225 AU$300, 1 time design fee).
  • Any customised software ideas you want to implement, we have a team of experienced real estate coders at your disposal.
  • If you want to buy another license it’s a 1 time cost of US$99 AU$130 or US$299 AU$400 for another bundle of six (6) and saving of 18% for 6 user bundle.