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We are one of the leading real estate application providers and valuation software developers in Asia. eValPro is committed everyday to enhance and upgrade the Asia real estate profession. We not only have advanced valuation software but we also enable business owners through our property software applications to monitor and have an overview of their business and strategic planning.

Our other software platforms include:
Property web sites - Design and content and full connectivity to your database. This is feature to be seen. No multiple entries just 1 platform to list and post real estate.

Office Services - We have developed a unique module for Office Service teams to list and match tenants with available space. Build stacking plans and create short lists automatically. We help you to never miss an office solution opportunity.

Investment and Capital Markets - Create buy and sell lists for all your investment clients. Our software automatically alerts you to any new potential listings that your team list. No missing out on a critical deal anymore.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) - Our CRM module allows you to record clients and client mandates and client requirements across your multiple service platform from renting a home to investing in real estate your team and truly connected with your clients.

Administration and management - This module allows directors and mangers to monitor and mange the business performance, no more late or in accurate end of month reports. Our automated real estate solutions are designed to save you time and allows you to get on with what your great at.

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Portfolio management

eValPro can help you manage your portfolio. Our system can help your team stay connected to all your properties in one easy to use web portal. All your property data at your fingertips.

Bespoke valuation and business software

Our valuation software was developed to streamline your valuation practice and allow you to produce better valuations. However your business is not the same and we have a dynamic team who can build special features or alternate workflow methods just for you.

Our valuation software has been developed by valuers with decades of experience but we have some of the best PHP developers at your disposal.
Office Services, Investment and Capital Markets and
Residential Sales and Leasing are a few of the other real estate solutions we provide.

Annual or regular mark to market values

Our system can keep you fully advised as to your properties value. We can track market price variations and report any transaction activity. Smart systems that allows you to be hands free when it comes to determining market pricing.

Report tools

eValPro can provide standard or advanced reports. Just a few clicks and you can list all properties. Key property data and of course values quick and simple. Our system shows location and photos for easy reference no more guess work with eValPro.

Administration and management

As a leading real estate application provider we know the importance to connect the business with your team and to provide minute by minute analysis of your business. Our business solutions tools allow you to monitor your business performance both forecast against actual in a live format. This tool is truly a time saver and was built for our business but we shared it with our clients. Thats you we hope some day.

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