A leading property valuation software company, creating a step by step property valuation system that is built by property values for property valuers

Key features

  • Step by step property valuation software that’s built by valuers for valuers.
  • Mobile in the field property database so you can read and add data to live and in real time.
  • You can get set up quickly and you get 6 user license from the get go.
  • You can build your own valuation reports fast and to your templates, logos and images, or we can help you.
  • Commercial, industrial, and specialised valuation platforms not just residential valuations.
  • Intuitive property valuation pages that follow a valuation workflow process.
  • Fully hosted and managed packages, we have built the platforms you need so you can take your property valuation business to the cloud.
  • More smart features, we include full voice to text function and drop down boxes, glossary and valuation phrase libraries, that you control.

eValPro Benefits

  • Easy to learn modules and the valuation system has multiple features that help you do property valuations faster and more accurate.
  • Our property database is able to be used on any smart phone, PC or tablet. No need to buy any new equipment, if you can connect to the web then your eValPro ready.
  • We give you 6 users access from the start in a simple to get started platform.

More eValPro benefits

  • The report builder module is easy to use and you can build any valuation report short or long to suit your valuation practise.
  • Our property database and valuation modules support all property types and we integrate all data types, asking and sale price to partial interests.
  • Improves accuracy through typical property valuation workflow processes.
  • We have built in the field work pages that allow you to do property valuations faster and you can review a report from anywhere at any time.
  • We have your security in mind and your data is your data. We have a backup routine to your server or host (you’re in control of your data).
  • We have built in valuation tools that we know you need. We know as we have asked valuers. Speak and it types text, use phrases and terms over and over. This improves your report consistency, reduces errors and controls report quality…