Property data and statistics all in one place

goDATA collects property data from multiple sources so you don’t have to, including; property ownership, owners, managers, developers and contact details. Zoning, title information, transaction history and all done in real-time. 

We collect data daily and send it to your smart device, tablet or PC.

goDATA is data on the go.

Report and data formats

goDATA presents the data in formats that you need and provides analysis, tables and graphs so you can read data trends fast.

Why hire expensive consultants?


Best tools in the business for property developers

goDATA give you the tools the professionals use, you can do your own research and keep across market dynamics, for better long-term planning and decision making.

Go bespoke…

goDATA has earned a reputation of having the most timely and reliable transaction data.

goDATA can be engaged to help you find the data you need. Specialised data is something we do well. We are property experts and have the skill and contacts you need.